Dircilena Évora

“Thank you very much for clicking on my profile. My name is Dircilena and I have more than 20 years of experience practicing law. I started my career working as a contractor for other companies in Cabo Verde and in 2009 I founded my own law firm that operates on the islands of Sal and Santiago, in Cabo Verde. In 2013 I decided to move to Marbella, Spain, where I specialised in urban law and had the opportunity to expand my professional activity to a more international level, with a special focus on the tourism sector. Currently I have my base in Lisbon but the focus of my work is Cabo Verde where most of my clients are in Real Estate Tourism and Hospitality. I am especially proud of my involvement in the process of constituting and legalising the Cabo Verde Chamber of Tourism.

I am passionate about participating in international events related to tourism, to promote Cabo Verde and the investment opportunities it offers. When I start working with a new client, I provide a one-stop shop with all the necessary support in Cabo Verde, assisting and advising to identify the best options for investment, carrying out the necessary due diligence and representing before public institutions in order to obtain licenses and seek the approval of projects. I´m a member of the CPLP Legal Association of Lawyers called Global CPLP Iuris, wich provides legal and business consultancy services in the CPLP countries, in close cooperation with the CPLP Economic Community Exporters Union.”

Dircilena’s legal expertise and local know-how was vital in representing a client to obtain the first license for an independent producer of water to be issued in Cabo Verde, until then the only company operating in this sector was owned by the state

Dircilena’s leadership was critical in the process of constituting and legalising the Cape Verde Chamber of Tourism

One client has remarked: “She´s our lawyer, but she´s more than a lawyer, she´s the one that make everything possible”

From 2008 to 2012 Dircelena was involved in the local politics of Ilha do Sal, as a deputy and later as President of the Municipal Assembly, which is an organ that controls the activities and management of the City Council. As well as experience in local politics, Dircelena is a keen philanthropist, having promoted help and solidarity campaigns for the most disadvantaged demographic of the population on the island. Clients will often comment on Dircelena’s ability to maintain calm and focus under sometimes intense pressure, which she attributes to her ability to maintain physical, mental and emotional balance, through the practice of yoga and meditation


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