Angola – Incentives for Domestic Production

Presidential Decree 213/23, of 30 October 2023, enacted a new “Legal Regime to Incentivize Domestic Production”. Highlights of the new regime:

DP 213/23 is applicable to the following entities:

  • Domestic producers of “consumer goods” and “made in Angola” products;
  • Wholesalers and retailers which aggregate domestic goods/products;
  • Importers of consumer goods;
  • Public entities.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce will define the list of “consumer goods” covered by DP 213/23. This list may be updated from time to time;

The state must support the installation of factories and other industrial facilities for the processing and improvement of consumer goods produced domestically;

Wholesalers and retailers which aggregate domestic goods/products are eligible to obtain incentives from the state, including access to credit in favorable terms;

The above is also applicable to cooperatives or “alliances” of domestic producers, wholesalers, retailers and other entities;

The importation of goods and products is subject to authorization from the Ministry of Economy. In order to obtain an authorization the importer must have consulted the local market first, and agree to acquire any available local production or otherwise engage in initiatives to promote or support such production;

Public entities must acquire goods/products made in Angola on a preferential basis. Importation is only permitted in case the goods/products are not available in Angola;

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce must collect and publish, on an annual basis, a forecast of:

  • The supply needs of domestic producers to be imported from abroad;
  • The consumer goods to be imported from abroad.

This information must be made available by no later than 15 September each year.

Domestic producers must upload information on the Ministry of Industry and Commerce portal regarding their production (types of goods/products, quantities and prices).

Presidential Decree 23/19, of 14 January 2019, is repealed.

PD 213/23 is effective 90 days from its publication (on 29 January 2024).

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