New Legal Regime for Self-Billing

A new legal regime for self-billing was approved in Angola through Presidential Decree 144/23, of 29 June 2023. Below is a summary of the new rules:

  • Self-billing – Self-billing occurs when the buyer of a good or service issues the respective invoice in lieu of the supplier/service provider.
  • Subject entities – Self-billing can be required of Angolan taxpayers that have an organized accounting system and which acquire in Angola goods or services from the Primary Sector (agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, beekeeping, poultry farming, fishery, craftmanship, and miscellaneous services). Self-billing is also applicable in case of goods and services provided by individuals who are not capable of issuing invoices. Further, self-billing is applicable to the acquisition of movable assets by individuals for own use.
  • Invoices – The invoices to be issued by self-billing entities must contain the following minimum information:
  • Taxpayer number or Identity Card/Passport of the supplier/service provider;
  • Taxpayer number, name and address of the buyer of the good/service;
  • Invoice number;
  • Description of goods/services (including quantities/references where applicable);
  • Price per item and total in local currency (Kwanza);
  • Date of purchase of the goods/services and invoice date;
  • Reference to “Self-billing”.

Invoices must be issued in three (3) copies through a certified billing software.

  • Threshold – Self-billing should not account for more than 20% of the total cost of goods and services acquired by the invoicing entity. This threshold may increase to 40% in case of goods/services that are essential to the self-billing entity.
  • Withholding Tax – Self-billing entities must withhold tax as required under the Corporate Income Tax (Industrial Tax) or Work-Related Income Tax, as applicable.
  • Reporting – Self-billing wholesalers must report to the Tax Office whenever they sell goods to individual customers worth in excess of Kz 25.000.000,00.

These rules are subject to a 30-day grace period, which means they are mandatory from 29 July 2023.

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